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We provide an optical character recognition (OCR) online service that allows you to extract text from PNG. Upload a PNG to our PNG into text converter tool, then click on Extract button to quickly receive your text file.
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Optical Character Recognition Tool

Extract texts from PNG.

Click to Choose PNG file or Drag & Drop PNG image.

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PNG into Text converter

Want to convert PNG into Text files?

The PNG text will be transformed into an editable Word (Docx) document using our online PNG to Word converter. With this PNG to text converter, you may also convert JPG/JPEG, JPE, JFIF, JIF, JFI, BMP, PNG, and TIFF files with a single click. Writing the text by hand might take a lot of time, so you can use this PNG to word converter to create editable text instead.

Get text from an PNG, a WhatsApp status, an Instagram story, a tweet, a pin, a government document or even a snapshot of your lecture notes in a multiple formats (PDF, JPG, PNG, Word, etc.).

How to convert PNG into Text?

If you don't know how to convert a PNG into text, you may copy text from PNG with out any effort. Simply take out these actions.

  • Drag and drop an PNG / or Upload PNG into the website above.
  • Hit the Extract button.
  • Click on Download button to save your text as a document or Click on copy button to copy it to the clipboard.
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